The BIG classroom is an online community of thousands of schools across the UK who are dedicated to promoting tolerance and challenging stereotypes by giving a snapshot of their day to day lives at work, rest and play.

How does it work?

  • Each class has its own profile and blog page to upload photos and videos, giving a snapshot of themselves and their community at work rest, play and worship.
  • Every half term we will link you with 4 – 6 other schools chosen because they are contrasting in terms of culture, faith, ethnicity, community or location.
  • At regular intervals each class views their linked schools' updates, discuss what they see and can message the schools with questions to learn more about other communities.
  • Classes can make contact with their linked schools to arrange joint projects, such as email or traditional pen pals, video blogs, related topic work etc.
  • Your blog content will provide unequivocal evidence to demonstrate how your pupil's cultural awareness is being improved.

Further Benefits...

  • Each class can keep the same profile page throughout their school life and choose to remain linked with schools they enjoy working with. By the end of a full school career pupils will have made dozens of links throughout the UK, forging lasting relationships with pupils from cultures they would not otherwise encounter.
  • All of this takes place in a safe, secure and controlled online environment. Pupils can be educated in a real yet safe environment about the dangers and benefits of social networking and internet safety in general.
  • The BIG classroom targets key issues raised in OFSTED's school inspection handbook which will have an impact on a school's rating, particularly for promoting British values and implementing the Prevent strategy.
Click here to see the OFSTED school inspection handbooks guidance on teaching British values. You will notice that BIG classroom fulfills many of their requirements.

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